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Roadblock / Barricade

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Roadblock / Barricade

Roadblock / Barricade
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Spike Road Block provides effective Road Blockage against force full entry of vehicle at Vital Defense Installation, also at very high security zones, buildings like Parliament House, President House, Prime Minister Residence, Embassies, Airports and Vital security establishments.

Its spikes are specially designed to penetrating the vehicle tyre, and release air in the tyre, quickly and safely, stop the vehicle.



Product name

Foldable roadblock


about 6.1kg/8.4kg/10.8kg


 4m / 6m / 8M

Bearing material

aluminum alloy

Needle material

die casting zinc alloy

Needle specifications

Φ 8x37mm

Puncture thickness

≤ 37mm

Effective distance between needles


Deployment (recovery) speed

≥ 1m / S (grade 1 pavement)

Battery capacity

12V 2600mAH lithium battery

Remote control distance

 ≥ 50m (in open environment)


DC reduction motor

Motor power

≥ 30W

Working voltage


Charger parameters

input 100-240Vac



Charging time

 < 3H

Continuous retraction and playback

 340 times / 100 times / 20 times

Length of manual pulling rope

About 60cm

Box size

402mmx392mmx100mm 542mmx392mmx100mm 682mmx392mmx100mm

Ambient temperature

- 30-60 ℃, can be used normally.



1.It is available in 4m、6m、8m length to cover across the road.


2.10 Nos. of space spike are also supplied with the equipment free of cost


3.Spare part like extra spikes /frame/ box can also be provided on demand at extra cost.


4.The entire spike Road Block is fitted and installed in such manner that no digging of road is required for its installation.


5.Strong and light in weight fory easy portability $ long durability.


6.It is foldable /collapsible into a smaller size and be packed within a few minutes.


7.These roadblocks are easy to operate and come in different sizes.


8.The tight retain-release, friction-fit spikes are pulled out of the system when the tire rolls over the spike thereby deflating it.


9.In operation, the spike assembly is deployed from its case across the road. Vehicles passing over the spikes are punctured by the sharp finned triangular spikes, which act as quick release air valve.


10. Spike road block provides effective road blockage against forcefull entry of vehicles.




Roadblock Barricade
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