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Expandable Baton

Expandable Baton
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Retractility: the telescopic baton should be able to release the baton smoothly by hand pulling or swinging. The body of each section of the baton is locked firmly without obvious shaking and friction. Press down to unlock, rotate and push the bar to realize each section of the bar body to retract in turn.

Anti-release performance: when the telescopic baton is in the state of retraction and 5N axial tension is applied to the baton head, the baton body will not be pulled out.

 Retractable and release reliability: retractable truncheon is expanded and retracted into a cycle, which can be extended and retracted normally after 3,500 cycles (3000 times higher than the line standard).

Corrosion resistance: after 8h salt spray test, the corrosion resistance level of telescopic baton is greater than or equal to 9, which can be extended and retracted normally.

Longitudinal tensile performance: the telescopic truncheon can be extended and retracted normally after being stretched to 1000N and kept for 1min under fully extended and locked state.

Bending resistance: the telescopic truncheon can stretch and retract normally after applying 5500N (higher than the line mark 5000N) pressure to the base middle tube and maintaining for 1min under the condition of full extension and locking.

Expandable Baton
telescopic baton
telescopic baton
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